Website & SEO services

From: Hemraj Sent: Thursday, 22 June, 2023 08:56 To: Subject: Website & SEO services


I am a professional Word press website designer.

Do you want to Word press design or redesign your website at a very low cost.

Please let me know your requirement, So I could move for further steps

Waiting for your reply!


From: Lucy Sent: Thursday, 29 June, 2023 01:17 To: Subject: Re: Website & SEO services


I literally do not care that you are a professional “Word press” website designer. Btw, it's WordPress. One word, pascal case.

No I do not want to WordPress design or redesign my web site at a very low cost.

My requirement is that you don't use WordPress (or whatever “Word press” is). WordPress is a scourge upon the internet, and would be a horrible backend to use for my website. I also find it very insulting that you suggest my website be redesigned with this horrible bloat of PHP scripts in a trenchcoat, considering I designed and coded my website myself in raw PHP & HTML.

Please, do not mail me again.

Lucy Hates WordPress (and probably also “Word press”)