Re: Look over @@, ..

From: John <> Sent: Saturday, 15 April, 2023 14:44 To: Subject: Re: Look over @@, ..


I know that you are busy,

Kindly treat this as a gentle follow up mail as I was wondering if you have gone through my previous mail; please let me know your views so that we can take this forward.

Waiting for your response.

Kind regards,


From: John Sent: Friday, April 07, 2023 11:58 PM To: Subject: Reminder – Proposal



I was looking through your website, and I think both your business and website have a lot of promise.

With your permission, I'd like to provide you an SEO proposal on your website that includes rates and a few suggestions for how to significantly enhance your visibility in search results.

We can rank your website on the first page of Google (Yahoo, etc.).

Would you want a quote and a cost? if you're interested.



SEO Manager

From: Lucy Sent: Thursday, 20 April, 2023 02:25 To:,,, CC: Subject: Re: Re: Look over @@, ..

Hello John at Anydigitalmarketers. I do not believe I saw your first email. But I have received an email from Chris from your company in November. Upon attempting to respond to their email, I was met with a delivery failure. I did also receive an email from Paul at your company on the same day, on my ProtonMail account, and I forwarded my response to Chris, to Paul.

I shall include that response here:

Bonjour, Chris from anydigitalmarketers, I know you're so busy writing emails that you might not be able to spend time actually looking at the websites of the people whom you are emailing, but I have taken the two seconds it takes to connect to, and have found that you do not have a website at all; rather, you point to MilesWeb's default page.

My website is a personal homepage. Kindly get the fuck out of my mailbox.

I demand all members of your so-called “company” – anydigitalmarketers – cease and desist communications with me immediately. If you attempt contact again, I will send a bill for the server bandwidth & storage required for all emails anydigitalmarketers has sent me.

Go fuck yourself.

You'll notice, I did promise to bill you if any of y'all mailed me again. The invoice has been sent in an independent email, but here is an additional link: Alternately, this invoice is payable by method of anilingus.

John, I will see your payment on Tuesday.