Renee Phoenix is Drunk Like a Mad-Ass

“I'm drunk like a mad-ass anyway!” The first time I listened to Hallelujah by Fit For Rivals, I was immediately distracted by how drunk Renee Phoenix sounds. Her voice itself sounds kind of 'gravely' in the way one would expect a voice to sound after drinking an amount of hard liqueur, and she's somewhat out of time and slurring her speech. Originally I thought it was just Renee being Renee, but then I noticed the lyric in the second verse:

I'm drunk like a mad-ass anyway

Renee Phoenix, Hallelujah

Oh, she's drunk for artistic effect. Her claim is true, as she sings the song – she is “drunk like a mad-ass”!

The out-of-timeness and slurring does bother me a little, but it's far outweighed by the artistic choice that she literally is drunk.